4 Cores 32 Bits CPU Android 4.4.4 HDMI / AV 8GB Smart Home Host TV WIFI


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4 Cores 32 Bits CPU Android 4.4.4 HDMI / AV 8GB Smart Home Host TV WIFI

Product Description:
Basic parameters:

CPU: RK3128 quad-core 32-bit processor
Operating system: Android 4.4.4
Output interface: HDMI/AV
Handle interface: two USB ports
WiFi: wired connection
Product volume: 26*25*7.5CM,
Standard: power + HD cable + manual + remote control + wired controller * 1 + packaging box

Warm reminder: Somatosensory gamepads and magic carpets are purchased on their own.

Q: What can a smart game machine do?
A: The smart game console is produced by Cool Kids. It is dedicated to creating a smart entertainment life, experiencing a colorful game life, built-in somatosensory sports, simulator games, yoga dancing, Android games (the whole family can play, interactive games), free¬†Watch movies, Betta live, children’s puzzle games, QQ music, platform battles and more, more applications support download and add.

Wireless somatosensory game, a variety of machines a variety of happiness: multi-functional somatosensory mode, support somatosensory dance mode, built-in somatosensory game mode, there are balls, sports, racing, leisure, magic carpet games.
Family live video: not only a game console, but also a home theater, WIFI connection, instantly turn a game console into a smart TV, play the game tired to accompany your family to watch a movie!

1. Support online download, support arcade / PS / GBA / FC / SFC / MD / N64 format games
2. HDMI high-definition output screen brighter picture quality is more clear, as long as the TV with HDMI interface can be used, unlimited size and brand
3. The combat mode, online learning: networking can enter the combat mode, with the national game fans online PK; one machine three happy, single and double, online game.
4. Smooth and non-cart operation is more efficient, configuration is the last word. 1G running memory surpasses the running speed of the same level architecture, playing games faster, no card, free unlimited installation application.
5. Support eight simulators: Arcade / MD / SFC / FC / N64 and a small number of PSP / PS, Contra / Snowman Brothers / Red Fortress / Three Kingdoms War / Street Fighter / Sonic Nikon / devour the world / electric fine / Seven Dragon Balls, etc., can be played at hand, and also support to add downloads.


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